Improving Employee Health and Productivity with Exercise

Employee Health
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Healthcare costs have been on a constant spiral in the United States of America since the end of World War II. As a nation, we have relied on the almost magical powers of doctors and drugs to make us healthy whenever we are sick. It is important to remember that in America during the 1940’s and 1950’s doctors made house calls. They would come to the home of a sick child and be able to observe the living conditions and examine the patient in the comfort of his or her bed. Usually, a dose of penicillin was available or other medications from the large medical bag of the doctor. Once this protocol was abandoned, the doctor as an independent agent could not get an idea of the housing conditions of the child and parents. It was no longer possible to learn about the possibly hazardous living conditions of some children.
Today employers are attempting to lower insurance and medical costs by promoting healthy lifestyles to their workers. Voluntary and mandatory exercise programs are becoming the norm in companies that must pay medical insurance to their employees. 10-20 minutes of light exercise can help fight obesity and the ravages of diabetes and high blood pressure. The times spent on at-work exercise programs have been proven to increase the productivity of the work forces, and owners and managers must not think of this time away from work as being wasteful.
Stretching exercises and yoga can have a positive benefit to those employees who want to have slimmer, better functioning, and pain free bodies, but also want to have more control of their minds and mental attitudes as well. Corporations should examine the Japanese concept of mandated daily exercise during the work day. The ancient practice of Tai Chi is not a strenuous exercise but keeps the body joints functioning and settles the mind and breathing for other things. Those other things can include functioning better at work, being more positive and productive. As the individual’s mental concept grows, so too does the desire to help his fellow man, and in the case of exercise programs at work, the logical progression is to help your fellow co-worker. In this situation, everyone from the owner to the basic worker is healthier and happier.

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